About Us

University Endoscopy Center (UEC) is an ambulatory surgical center located in the historical area of Montgomery, Ohio. UEC specializes in and exclusively provides endoscopy procedures to adults in an outpatient setting. In December 1996, AmSurg and the Cincinnati ASC, LLC, began a joint partnership, developing the UEC. Procedures began in December 1997 with a staff of five. Currently UEC operates with a staff of 16, and two of the staff members have worked there since the beginning. In addition, UEC has 11 physicians who are credentialed to use the facility. The center sets a high standard with being JCAHO accredited from 1998-2007 and then becoming accredited with AAAHC from 2007 to the present. UEC offers a high level of clinical service and customer satisfaction.


To ensure that all patients receive the highest quality care on a completely non-discriminatory basis as to sex, race, color, creed or national origin.

To assure that patients receive quality care and to insure that professional performance and conduct is displayed by the Medical Staff, Clinical and Non-Clinical Personnel through an ongoing, monitoring Performance Improvement Program through the above established mission, goals and objectives.